Wearables & Devices

This is a list of recommended wearables and devices picked because of their precision, and therefor ability to produce consistent results, even if the accuracy is not 100%. These devices can provide valuable information for constructing datasets, and giving the user a visual feedback of their health and progress, as well as elucidate possible correlations, and motivate lifestyle change.


Vital signs are defined as “measurements of the body’s most basic functions. The four main vital signs routinely monitored by medical professionals and health care providers include the following: Body temperature, Pulse rate, Respiration rate (rate of breathing), and Blood pressure (Blood pressure is not considered a vital sign, but is often measured along with the vital signs.) (1).” To learn more about vital signs, and what they can tell you, check out Hopkins Medicine

Body Temperature:


A leader in consumer temporal body thermometers, Braun offers a good product to obtain a value close to true core body temperature.


Rated #1 Bestseller in Basal Thermometers on Amazon. Innovo groups works closely with medical professionals to develop their health tech.

Heart Rate Monitors:


Trusted by many prominent athletes, and a veteran in the health tech field, Polar has a range of good products. Their heart rate chest straps are great for obtaining data from the heart for Heart Rate Variability, intensity of exercise, and more!


This company prides themselves on being superior, and an examination of their heart rate chest strap confirms they are a leader in health tech. A popular buy is the vivofit bundle, which includes a heart rate chest strap, and a wristband for activity tracking.


Innovative, affordable, and reliable, Wahoo Fitness is a company to check out! Their TICKR Heart Rate Monitor is a big hit among fitness enthusiasts!

Check out what one reporter found about a few heart rate monitors as compared to a medical EKG machine: Are consumer heart rate monitors really accurate?

Blood Oxygen Saturation:


These devices measure oxygen levels in the blood using light. Find out more at:  Wikipedia

Blood Pressure:

The American Heart Association recommends an upper arm monitor for a more reliable reading.


This company has a few blood pressure monitoring products certified as reliable. They are also among the top sellers on Amazon.


This category lists devices which can gather quite a bit of data. The accuracy of data generated from these devices should be viewed as relative to itself. The user should seek to improve their numbers relative to the device, and always consult with a knowledgeable MD.



A best selling wristband with a sleek design. This thing does it all: GPS, heart rate, sleep, the works! Oh, and it lets you know when you have incoming calls and notifications on your phone, The entire line of new fitbits are quite impressive, so definitely check them out!


garmin vivoactive

Fashionable and packed with features, this watch is a great tool for tracking activity! Comes with GPS, multiple activity modes, and customizable watch displays. This should be paired with the Garmin heart rate monitor for a more accurate measurement of calories burned.