Here are a few services, which teams are made up of some of the best minds in science! Some of these companies, such as Life Extension Foundation, have a multitude of lab tests available, as well as supplements, while others, such as Inside Tracker, offer the data analysis tools for your lab results.



This company provides gene sequencing. Find out the alleles, or genetic variants you have that may be putting you at risk for certain conditions so you can make healthier life decisions. In 2014, the FDA prohibited 23andme to make any health related recommendations, but the user is still able to download their raw data, which can be interpreted by available software, which you can find on our Applications and Software page.


Biomarkers (short for biological markers) are biological measures of a biological state. By definition, a biomarker is “a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention.”(1)


This is a biomarker analysis company which provides a blood test and an analysis. There is also an option for DIY, which is recommended if a blood test can be performed through a doctor using insurance. Once all of the applicable biomarkers are entered, and questions answered, your profile will display recommended foods to increase any lacking micronutrients, or vise versa for overly high levels, based on height, weight, age and gender. They also offer lifestyle related recommendations in categories such as sleep and exercise, which align with Ascend Biology’s goal of overall fitness!


Another good company which analyzes bloodwork biomarkers and makes lifestyle suggestions, such as dietary and exercise related recommendations.


At Life Extension Foundation, you can order a wide variety of lab tests, as well as supplements. They also offer health counseling to their members, as well as discounts on lab tests. Their scientific articles are a fantastic read as well!



This is a company which analyzes the microscopic organisms living in and on your body, collectively known as a microbiome. Some of these organisms provide healthy services for us, while others can cause infection. There is still a need to standardize the tests so the results are a better reflection of the truth, but this is definitely something worth looking into, as it will lead to scientific progress. To check out the ongoing health project, check out their research at NIH