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These are programs which can be used to keep track of health related data obtained from wearables and manual entry of data. Some even perform data analysis. Currently, many people use multiple programs together, such as FitDay and Moves, which can get very stressful when trying to visualize data, or manually enter updates. Here we list software which try to integrate many features into one platform, including  automatic wearable syncing and cross application data sharing, to get the most bang for your buck (although most basic features are free), but there is still no clear leader. For the mobile application suggestions, we have a few we believe everyone should use every day for optimum health. The list is not extensive, as competition arises faster than the speed of light, so we have included some keywords and phrases to aid your application exploration on the web.

 Aggregation Applications


This is a comprehensive web based program with an ios app (as of June 2015) that tracks everything from diet and lab test values, to menstrual cycles and mood. There are many popular wearables able to connect with the platform as well, such as Garmin, Fitbit, and BodyMedia, just to name a few!

Make Sense of Data

This is a new analytics company with much promise! They analyze multiple data sources at once, such as fitbit, myfitnesspal, and biomarkers, and return possible correlations. This is a great way to begin n of 1 trials. Don’t know what an n of 1 trial is? Click Here


This is a web based program that also has a companion phone app which you can log food, biomarkers, exercise and it syncs with certain wearables! We love that you can track 48 different micronutrients, which can show you if your diet has any vitamin deficiencies. Using this program requires tons of manual entry, so the user must be highly motivated and thorough to have a good picture of their health.


Here is a food tracking program that has a very user-friendly interface, with a very large database of food. They have a great “verify” feature to make sure the calorie and nutrition data is most likely accurate.

Mobile Applications

This market is expanding on a daily basis, so we don’t update this section unless an app comes out that really demonstrates superiority in terms of Health aggregation and function. The apps here have been used successfully by members of our team for years.


As mentioned above, this is a great software, and it is available across multiple phone platforms.


This app is our top recommended phone app for workouts. It is packed with features, including hundreds of workouts, routines, and graphs for visualizing progress, making workout tracking very simple. Many of us live busy lives with hectic schedules, and this is where the app shines. There are custom timers, enabling your workout time to be successfully incorporated into your schedule. The free version seems to fit almost every need, except exporting your data.

Elite HRV

Once you have a heart rate monitor you can sync it with this app and measure your heart rate variability (HRV) for free. The user interface (UI) is easy to understand, and contains all of the necessary info to get you started. Heart rate variability is associated with a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system (1) , and has been used to measure the readiness of athletes (2-4).

Paced Breathing

This is a very basic android app which is like a metronome for your breathing. It contains a customizable timer for session length, audio to signal inhale and exhale, and a simple visualization of when to inhale, hold, and exhale based on your settings. Try to do it every day!


Keeping on schedule is a recurring theme here at Ascend Biology. This app lets you create custom intervals for anything from yoga to foam rolling sessions. This is for android users, but a search on itunes for interval timers should bring up plenty of good ones that fit the bill.


Do you need a way to keep track of your goal progress in a minimalist way? Rewire is an android app which allows you set up daily questions such as: ” Did you follow your diet today?” which can be answered with a success, failure, or skip button. You can view a month through a donut chart or chain view which allows you to see if you really are keeping up on your goals. This is great for those who don’t want to count calories, but instead be more mindful and aware of what they are eating.

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Companion Software


“Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on the scientific literature cited in SNPedia and a file of genotype (DNA) data. Customers of DNA testing services (23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA,, Complete Genomics, WeGene, …) can use it to retrieve published data about their DNA completely independent of whichever company produced the data.”




(2) Vilamitjana J, Lentini NA, Perez MF, Verde PE. Heart rate variability as biomarker of training load in professional soccer players. Program and abstracts of the American College of Sports Medicine 2014 Annual Meeting; May 27-31, 2014; Orlando, Florida. Abstract 3069.

(3) Plews DJ, Laursen PB, Stanley J, Kilding AE, Buchheit M. Training adaptation and heart rate variability in elite endurance athletes: opening the door to effective monitoring. Sports Med. 2013;43:773-781.