Data Tools

Your body is generating a multitude of measurable signals including heart rate, skin temperature, and blood chemistry; the trick is deciphering the data. Here we have aggregated what we call “Data Tools,” or wearable devices, applications, and services which can be used together for a synergistic effect on monitoring and improving health. Our main concern for the wearable devices are their reliability. We recommend devices which we have used and have experienced high precision, and at least decent accuracy. These qualities are dependent on many factors, including algorithm appropriateness, sensor and build quality. When it comes to applications, we only recommend those which we have found to be rich in features, regularly updated, and have an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface. The services we list are also gauged according to similar standards.

Disclaimer: Although we are affiliated with some of the recommendations on this site, as a skeptical approach oriented company, we recommend any interested party to thoroughly research every product and service before purchase, including device reliability, and data privacy policies. To see the complete list of affiliates, please click here.

Wearables & Devices

These are devices which monitor different vital sign values. To see how to use this information to make a positive impact on your health, check out our video series Preventative Health Maintenance

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Applications & Software

These are programs which can be used to keep track of the data obtained from wearables, manual entry of data, and even data analysis. Most of the wearable devices come with a dashboard or software to visualize the data being tracked.

fitbit dash nike dashinside tracker dash


Want to see the genes you carry? How about the organisms that are riding on your body? This is the area to check out! We also offer downloadable spreadsheets for those who wish to take data analysis completely into their hands (For members only).

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