Arivale and the 100K Wellness Project

You want to know why you feel sick so you go to your doctor. You arrive ten minutes early and sign in. After about 30 minutes or so, the nurse calls your name, weighs you, takes your vitals, and sits you in another room, where you begin your second waiting period. This wait is usually 45 minutes to an hour on average; almost long enough to push you to leave, but you know this is the only doorway into your body that won’t put you into the poor house (if you have insurance). As a child, I went to the doctor many times feeling ill, only to be prescribed a generic antibiotic… no lab results consulted. If you have been keeping up with the news, you will know there are now many antibiotic resistant, disease-causing bacteria, a result, in part, of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions. Doctors should ALWAYS run a lab on the patient to know what to treat. This isn’t the 1800’s.

The options available now are expensive and very time consuming, often yielding insufficient results to make connections. Here’s what you need if you want to make some useful connections regarding your health:

  • gene data
  • blood work
  • microbiome
  • a great processor and well developed program to run all of this data against literature values of biomarkers from those considered “well.”
  • A scientific background wouldn’t hurt as well…

This is a load of work, even for a data scientist. So what are the rest of us suppose to do? This is where the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) comes in. The great minds at ISB have come up with a project to track wellness and disease progression to aid in the future of disease diagnostics and prevention. It’s called The 100K Wellness Project, CLICK HERE to go to the ISB website, where you can sign up to be a participant in future trials. There is also a commercial spin off, which offers testing and analysis of your biomarkers. It’s called Arivale, and it’s going to be the future of wellness guidance. I highly recommend you check it out. They have not yet launched, but if you want to be among the first wave of participants, you can sign up for updates on their site.