Welcome to the health education video page. Our main goal at Ascend Biology is to advance personal health care. Our way of contributing to the movement is through our Preventive Health Maintenance videos. We have been hard at work compiling resources, analyzing data, and consulting with multiple research scientists and medical professionals for a thorough, interdisciplinary approach to health. Please don’t make the mistake of believing this is just for athletes, narcissists, or the obsessively compulsive. This approach was designed with the average person in mind living in a fast-paced society. Remember: “In bad health, not much matters.” We wish you well on your journey!

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Preventive Health Maintenance Intro


This video series introduces you to the quantified self movement; an interdisciplinary, data-driven approach to monitor your health. You will be given suggestions for which health variables (biomarkers) to keep track of, an overview of how to track and analyze these variables, and a few tips for success. This is for those who are new to heath tracking and biohacking.


How to’s for DIY Data Analysis:


Do you already own a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or have heard of biohacking? Then this video series is for you! Here we show you how to use the tools and resources on this site to begin a thorough analysis of your data on your own, getting the most out of your devices and applications. If you aren’t familiar with these devices, or the term “biohacking,” please watch our Preventive Health Maintenance Intro first. This section is coming soon!


N of One Trial Construction:


This video series discusses possible n of 1 trials. This is for advanced biohackers who love collecting data, trying to identify trends, and problem solving. This is an experimental approach, based on literature when possible, but reliant mainly on theoretical hypothesis. If you are wanting a tried and true approach to health and wellness, employing methods which are scientifically verifiable, please watch our How To’s for DIY Data Analysis, This section is coming soon!